Eric Addington

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Dude, Just finished watching our Writers In The Round CLC performance from like forever-ago. Makes me want to gig with you again. I'll have to spin Dragonfly tonight. Remember, the Vosen Invitational is the first weekend in Aug. I'll even let you have my trailer this time. ;)
Eric, I sent a general thank you on facebook,but I wanted to personally thank you for allowing me to listen to that WONDERFUL music. If you took a spoon full of Clapton, a cup of Chet Atkins, a smidgeon of Jimmy Paige and and a gallon of very original Eric Addington you might come up with what I heard from your fingers and your heart. Add the other guys to it and you have a once in a lifetime experience. I think you are absolutely the best guitarist I have ever heard. Again, Thank you!
Hey neighbor, I figured that I'd give your music a listen today, and I'm glad I did. Good stuff buddy. Very soothing and relaxing. Great work!
your album still graces my player so often, dig it, dig it, dig it!
Hey dude, great pics of Harper. Congrats again!
Hey Eric! Hope your show in Fargo kicks ass tomorrow, wish I could be there to see you play, that work thing just gets in the way sometimes.....good luck man!
What is that Ruskie craptastic stuff on your site? Remember when your got porned up that one time. Awesome!
so good to see you all. i wish we lived closer. my truck has been repaired and life is somewhat back to normal. hope all is well and remember the titans.
Eric, It would be great to see you play up in Fargo again! A little reunion with Bill and Tyler perhaps...
Coming to Madison anytime soon? I just saw "Jeff Ray" on your links page. That's the Black River Falls dude, right? Very cool.
Sorry we (Kari and I) missed you at the Redwood Room. Hope you hear you soon.
once again, lost in your music! I love it...
Love your website, and your music!!
Saw you a couple of years ago in Brainerd, hope to see you in Little Falls this January. Great voice and lyrics!
i really like the new song. good to hear your voice on something i haven't memorized yet... when is Jason gonna get ordained again so i can run into you?
Hey, Eric! It's your long, lost, pal Julia. Don't ask me how I came across your site, but I'm glad I did! Sounds like you are making quite a name for yourself! That's awesome. It's cool to think I knew you back in our Cobber days when you were a nobody...just kidding. :) Take care! Julia
Please let me know if you will be doing Rochester anytime soon. Was impressed with Dragonfly.......
I bought the Shade Grown, Best of the Coffee Grounds CD and I your music is delightful. Your music is alive and your voice is amazing. Keep up the good work, Gabriel
Just wondering if you and Bill were planning any shows together in Fargo in the near future....We miss you at the Redbear! (and miss the redbear...)
Eric, I've enjoyed the music I've heard from you on KUMD. I will be playing at Beaners on Mar. 17 performing originals as well. I hope you can catch my set. I'm from Duluth. Don't have a website though. Anyway, looking forward to meeting and hearing you in person. Keep up the good work.
Hello Erik. I found your music through Indy. Before you go is such a beautiful, people song. I am enjoying discovering more of your music. Take gentle care of yourself (always).
Addz- I came laughed at the healthy eating choices as well. Then I laughed at Davin. The car ride was killer. Fly anywhere...I will pick you up and shove you on a Greyhound. Lets get a gig together soon bro. I got my first honest Twisted Sister request at a show a few weeks ago. WOW!
Hiya! i'm a newbie and got curious so i uhh, checked out this sight. It is COOL! This site rocks my socks off! WHOO HOO! (im very happy!) to the next song! YAAAAY!
I wanted to comment on the healthy eating picture.....sorry, i just barfed and swallowed it. Hope all is well......gross!
Eric, Thank you so much for playing at our wedding! You made the day so special for us and everyone just loved your music. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Great site, even better music. I enjoyed meeting you at the Mahtowa Folk Festival Songwriting competition. I was the guy who went just before you (think Olson guitar). I wasn't able to stay around for your spot (my daughter...) Glad I could hear your tunes online.
I thought I'd let you know that you got your picture in the Duluth New Tribune today. The Hwy 61 Songwriters Contest was a "Best Bet" for the weekend. I'll bring you a copy in case you want one. See ya Saturday. Just look for the real tall guy at the registration tent.
Eric, we're excited to have you as a finalist in our 4th Annual Highway 61 Singer/Songwriters Contest here in Mahtowa, MN. If any fans of your are planning to make the trek North, we have free primitive camping. Lots of other music too including Charlie Parr and Trampled by Turtles Saturday night. More details are on our website
Just looked at your site. Great stuff here! I'm looking forward to hearing you soon. Maybe in October. :)
Hey, Eric. Nice songs here on your site! I'm anxious to hear some in person at the Hwy 61 Folks Fest in Mahtowa this weekend.
Hi Eric! Just dropping you a line to re-express 'our' thanks for your superb musical contribution to LANCE & SARAS' wedding at Bemidji State Park last Saturday afternoon. I also enjoyed visiting with you at their reception and getting to know you a little better. We all hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable 'outdoor' day with us. On behalf of our entire family....THANKS :) Gary B. Benson -father of the groom-
Hey there :) I'm really addicted to dragonflies and I decided to use GOOGLE to search for 'DRAGONFLY SONGS'. Luckily, I came across your link :) I love your Dragonfly song :) Is your album available in the international market? Goodluck and you're wonderful ;)
I love your work.
Hi Eric! I see that we are officially booked on your calendar! Trent and I have also booked you on our calendar for June 24 at Coffee Grounds. See you there!
I miss hearing you...hope things are going well, peace out bro. nice site
Hi, I'm in Steve Anderson's class....I heard your song Breathe in Music Industry. I really like it! I wish the best for you.
Hi this is donny's daughter. Good to see you guys on the web, just found this at random, but i hope to see you all in person soon! Bye.
hi eric, haven't been to your site in a while, and the redesign looks great! thanks for the kind words on the new disc too. see you this summer.
Eric, I'm looking forward to catching one of the shows at the Redwood Room at the end of April! Do you need an "opening act"? ;) Good luck! Tony
hey eric!! havent seen you in a while...its been about a year since your house concert for ryan sommer in stillwater, mn....great show!! just thought id let you know the music im listening to right now....a group that plays in the cities..."the tim malloys" ...kinda drunken irish type them!! we go and see them at keirans irish pub in mpls sometimes....the album is called "drunkards, bastards, and blackguards"...just thought you'd like to know!!! good luck and im excited to hear you on 89.3!! ill call and request!! keep up the great work and always looking forward to new music!! take care and best wishes!
Do you need to have a stage name do submit a comment on here? The closest i can come to that is "a former member of Bite the Wax Tadpole" come that's not on your bio?
Nice site. I emailed you at your contact address. Let me know what's up.
e-rock, i was at your concert at shetek last weekend. your performance was amazing, i was in awe. honestlty, i've never seen or heard a better guitarist (other than myself. NOT) come play in mankato, i'll recruit the masses
Love the new website Eric! Your CD has been great to listen to on those long drives to gigs, thanks for the swap . . . we gotta play together again soon! :) peace...
delightful music / enjoyed listening/ keep it up any relation to the addingtons gordie and rosemary in winona ?
great site. thanx for the plug for witr Donny